Crinkle Graggs and Bowfell 6th Oct 2010 Crinkle Graggs and Bowfell 6th Oct 2010 Setting off from Langdale 102301714 Footbridge at Oxendale. 102301715 Looking up Oxendale 102301716 First climpse of the Crinkles 102301717 Looking back across Langdale at the Pikes. 102301718 Weatherlam in background. 102301719 Looking down Langdale Valley 102301720 Lindsay and Jenny with Pike of Blisco in background. 102301721 Looking back down on Red Tarn with Pike of Blisco on left 102301722 heading on to the Crinkles. 102301723 View back down Langdale 102301724 Scree coming off Crinkles 102301725 Looking South. 102301726 Looking South West towards Devoke Water in distance. ( I confess a new one to me ) 102301727 View of Scafell and Scafell Pike. 102301728 Jenny and Lindsay pose. 102301729 heading towards the Bad Step 102301730 The bad step. The only real way for a walker to get up is to the right. I had to get up it and then back down it as Bross (my GSD ) could not manage it. Unless you have a dog small enougth to lift up or a more nimble dog you have to take another route round it. 102301732 Lindsay and myself on the highest Crinkle, a new Wainwright for both of us. What was I saying ? Jenny, you do like catching me out. 102301733 Looking towards Bowfell 102301834 The Crinkles are up and down on hard going rock. Well it is when in the back of your mind you broke your angle last year ! 102301835 Working ourway down 102301836 Why am I always at the back ? 102301837 Lindsay weighing up Bowfell. 102301838 another view of the Scafells , not in cloud for a change. 102301839 making our way up Bowfell 102301840 Difficult to make this one out from memory it looks like Pike o Stickle in foregrounds with the other pikes and looking North East towards Grasmere. 102301841 Jenny with Great Slab behind her. 102301842 Thank you Jenny for this photo of me on top of Bowfell ( another first for me ) ......but couldn't you have waited for Bross to turn around ? What is he doing ? also whats that coming out of my head ? 102301843 Lindsay relaxes as Jenny chats. 102301844 Bross taking a fancy to Jenny. 102301845 Mmmmm, may as well sit on Jenny's knee then ! Pay back time !!! 102301846 Coming back down The Band I think this is a shot of Pike of Blisco 102301847 Who turned the lights out in the Old Dungeon Ghyll 102301849