Sale Fell and Ling Fell 30.10.10 Sale Fell and Ling Fell 30.10.10 Parked up about a half mile up the road from the Pheasant Inn. 104851242 Looking back at Bassenthwaite. 104851243 It doesn't take Bross long to find a stick. 104851244 another view down to bassenthwaite. 104851245 This is the point where Wainwright advises to turn left at the highest point of the path next to the wall. 104851246 Bross taking note of a nice Boarder Collie walking below. 104851247 A view of my next mission, Ling Fell. 104851248 Looking towards Barf etc 104851250 Ooooh , the wind blowinh right up the jacksie ! 104851251 I hope I have this right, I only had thumbnails on my netbook when posted. I think this is looking towards Skiddaw. 104851252 Looking up towards summit of Sale fell 104851254 Not much of a summit. Where's the Cairn that AW refers to ? 104851255 Leaving the gate from the road heading for Ling Fell. 104851257 Looking back down the Corpse Road to Sale Fell. 104851260 The Trig Point comes into view at the summit. 104851261 Not a good shot but it is the true summit. 104851262 Bross at the Trig Point. 104851263 bad weather coming down from Borrrowdale. 104851265 Two rainbows ........nearly. 104851270 Somewhere over the rainbow ! 104851271 Bassenthwaite in distance. 104851272 Making way back down path with Sale Fell again in background. 104851273