Stybarrow Dodd, Watson Dodd and Clough Head. Stybarrow Dodd, Watson Dodd and Clough Head. he was just after a pint lol 127119219 Setting out from Stanna. 127119220 Bross needs no encouragement to get over Stiles these days. 127119221 Stanna Gill 127119222 another 127119223 .....and another. 127119224 Looking back down what was a very steep start to the walk up Sticks Pass. 127119225 Bored waiting for you Dad. 127119226 Nice view from here . 127119227 Looking out across St Johns in the Vale towards Bassenthwaite. 127119228 First sight of Stybarrow Dodd 127119229 .....and my Challenge Watson Dodd. 127119230 Raise and Whiteside. 127119231 Sticks pass levels out here. (thank you Lord ! ) 127119232 A view towards the Gables and Scafell Range. 127119233 Ski Tow off Raise. 127119234 Cross Roads at Sticks Pass. 127119235 What's that you have got Bross 127119236 Tossing what I think was a ' Fell Race Marker ' Sorry, never saw where he found it so replaced it where I best guessed it should be. 127119237 Oh there's a pink one now. !!!!! I apologise to any fell runners who get lost . 127119238 Looking back down the path up to Stybarrow Dodd and towards Raise. 127119239 Pile of Stones with Stybarrow Dodd in the background. 127119240 Stybarrow Dodd Summit. 127119241 Stopped for lunch at shelter just east of Stybarrow Summit. 127119242 127123602 Looking towards Watson Dodd. 127119244 Great Mell and Little Mell from just north of Sytbarrow Dodd. 127119245 Watson Dodd Summit 127119246 Blencathra in the background. 127123603 Calfhow Pike and Clough Head approaching. 127119248 Calfhow Pike looking towards Clough Head. 127119249 127124385 Skiddaw and Lonscale Pike from Calfhow Pike. 127119251 Watson Dodd Cairn looking out over Thirlmere. 127119252 Clough Head Summit 127119253 White Stones descending from Clough Head 127119254 Hey up, who is this then. A familiar man and dog ? 127119255