Stanhope, County Durham 3.8.11 Stanhope, County Durham 3.8.11 Parked at the Durham Dales Centre in Stanhope. Parking Free ! Set off from here and head to the market place in Stanhope. 134053860 A fossilised tree stump believed to be 250 million years old. It is situated in the church yard opposite the market place. 134053861 Heading for the river banks the route takes us past some nice houses and gardens. 134052344 Railway bridge across the Wear. I believe a section of the track up Weardale has been reopened by railway enthusiasts . 134053744 Crossing the railway. 134055934 Stanhope Station. 134053853 Nicole negotiating one of the many kissing gates. 134053745 The path crosses over meadows next to the river bank. 134053746 The River Wear. 134053852 I was too late with the camera to catch in close shot a Herron flying over the river. ( It is there in the distance.) 134053747 A brief walk through woods on opposite side of river . The return on this short walk. 134053854 The wood leading out onto open meadows. 134053748 These sheep were so laid back (literally ) considering Bross was so close to them. 134053855 This guy was a little more alert ! 134053849 We were joined on our walk for a while as they were so interested in Bross. 134053856 I just missed out on a shot where Bross was up on his hind legs face to face with these two horses. 134053857 Lyn and Nicole negotiate the stepping stones across the River Wear at Stanhope. Bross getting in the way not helping. 134053858 Okay it's clear my turn ! 134053850 ....... Bross decides differently as he skipped across the stones to meet me. 134053859 Returning to the Durham Dales centre to conclude the walk. 134053851