Stennerskeugh and fell End Clouds, Howgills. 9.8.11 Stennerskeugh and fell End Clouds, Howgills. 9.8.11 Turn off at this sign post to park at the old quarry a hundred yards past the cattle grid. 134105835 That's us parked up. 134105834 Setting off from the car towards the main road for a short distance . Left to right: Nicole and Andrea ( twin daughters) Andrea's boyfriend Joe and Lyn. 134105823 After a short walk on the road a right turn towards Street farm. 134105836 Keeping Street Farm to the right continue over fields and a tarmac road before turning right and heading up to the open fells via a road that becomes a track. 134105837 Passing a small estate that looked well protected by these two guys. 134105824 Nicole and Lyn heading up now onto open access land. 134105838 Limestone Country with Howgills in Background. 134105839 134105825 Looking back North North West. 134105826 The bairns leading the way ! 134105827 134105829 134105828 Heading down now. 134105830 Three small cairns from where we turned down hill. 134105831 Old workings close to the road at the bottom. I suspect this was an old Lime Kiln ? I may be put right on that one. 134105832 Multi coloured sheep ! ...... and then a short walk along ' The Street ' back to the car. 134105833 see what I mean by multi coloured ? 134112334