Great Calva finishing the book. Great Calva finishing the book. Lindsay checking his new hat fits on snug before setting off. 138771707 Leading the way up the path with Little Cock up to the left. 138771708 Lindsay is taking a photography course so has to get the settings right. 138771709 Looking back down a lovely valley walk. 138771710 The dogs enjoy a drink. 138771711 Climbing up to Hause Gill. 138771712 Looking back down. 138771713 Just checking our position and route. 138771714 Well managed to fnd it okay. That's this book done ! 138771715 View towards Thirlmere. 138771716 Excellent shelter just esat of summit. 138771717 Views to the East . 138771718 Skiddaw House down there somewhere. 138771719 Skiddaw. 138771720 Oh here we go. Watch the back of yer legs Lindsay. 138771721 he just had to prove to Lizzie that he could do what she couldn't manage. 138771722 Steep here decending via the fence to Dash Falls. 138771723 Still got that Bl...y fence pole. 138771724 Lindsay studying camera settings for a dash fall special. 138771725 Still studying ! 138771726 Did I mention he was doing a photography course ? 138771727 I'm sick of this, I'm off back to the car. 138771706