Grike, Crag Fell and Lank Rigg 26.10.11 Grike, Crag Fell and Lank Rigg 26.10.11 I parked up at Scaly Moss close to the Stone Circle and the signed path to Crag Fell.It was very wet on arrival. 141269694 A short walk to the sign nd the rain hadmore or less stopped. 141269751 Some slight showers as I progressed up the path. 141269695 Reached the Forestry Gate and looked back towards the car. 141269696 There it is ! 141269697 Continue to gain height on the forest path. 141269698 Forest ! what forest ? Actually Andy Beck's earlier walk of this route identified tree felling so I was expecting this. 141269699 We crossed over here for the short pull up onto Crike. 141269700 Looking down towards Cleator Moor. 141269702 Approaching Crike Summit. 141269703 Misty, cold and windy up here, not hanging around. 141269704 I am heading over there to Crag Fell. 141269705 Looking over to Lank Rigg which I can see for the first time today. 141269706 Just as I put the camera away the sun came out and cloud cleared. 141269707 Looking North West off Crike 141269708 Crag Fell appearing now. 141269709 My route becomes clear ahead. 141269710 Path leading away from Crike towards Crag Fell. 141269711 ............a little over to the right. 141269712 Looking back at Crike. 141269713 Crag Fell Summit. 141269714 Looking over at Herdus, Great Borne and Starling Dodd. 141269715 Ennerdale Lake comes into view. 141269716 back at the summit. 141269717 Bross spotted some walkers approaching. The only ones we would see all day. 141269718 Skies brightening up. 141269719 Rewarded with wonderful views which was not expected earlier in the day. 141269720 141269721 Heading off Crag Fell now and dropping down to the woods and the Ennerdale wall. 141269722 Too slow to catch bross before he scaled this stile. 141269724 picking up the forest trail a few stones mark a path heading down to the right. 141269726 after my left foot disappearing into very wett ground a couple of times we emerge on the other side beside the Ennerdale wall which we follow up for a while. 141269727 Great Borne and Starling Dodd. Checking out a direct route up Great Dodd I was told about. 141269728 At the point where the stick is pointing I followed a faint trail to the right. 141269729 looking back at Crike and Crag Fell. At this point I realised that I had been day dreaming and was heading in the wrong direction. A detour back to get back on track. 141269730 The camera batteries had packed up on Whoap so no photos from there as it was so windy. I waited until we decended to cross red gill to change them.. You can see from Bross that it remain blustery even lower down. 141269731 heading for Lank Rigg 141269732 The summit at Lank Rigg. I wasn't going to turn over the pile of stones to see if the coins were there but as I considered doing so...................(next pic ) 141269734 .........Bross turned over a small stone about 4 inchs long. Revealing a single 20p piece. Amazing sence of smell. He didn't play with the stone just sat over to it until I inspected it. 141269733 heading for Lank Tarn and te lower cairn. 141269735 The lower cairn and tarn looking back toward Lank Rigg summit 141269736 Is that Caw Fell ? Looking at the map and lining up Whoap Caw Fell from lank Rigg summit it should have been over my right shoulder. This was over to my right but it didn't seem far enough around. It must have been though as there was nothing else behind that could have been it. 141269737 l decended back down the way we came ipting for the dryer route down via Whoap Beck 141269741 Bross checks out the route ( and sheep ) 141269742 next stop the first of two fords to cross on the way back to the car. 141269743 Bross retrieves a stone. he looks very 'sheepish ' about it. 141269744 I had been thinking of a direct descent off Lank Rigg to Lank Rigg Moss but decided against it. This photo shows a possible path that Andy Beck had also noticed on his previous walk on this route. 141269745 Looking back at Whoap 141269746 Let me at him Dad, please ! 141269748 The River Calder. 141269749 Last View back at Lank Rigg. Now for that mile along the road to the car. 141269750