Gray Crag, Thornthwaite Crag, Cauldale Moor and Hartsop Dodd 28.10.11 Gray Crag, Thornthwaite Crag, Cauldale Moor and Hartsop Dodd 28.10.11 We met at Hartsop car park.left to right: Andy, Leslie,Mike,Kevin, Jenny and Martin. 141609344 Thats where we are heading Gray Crag. 141609345 leslie and Jenny comparing cameras ! 141609346 Fairfield in the distance ( i think ) 141609347 My boy waits for me. 141609348 The pointy bit would be Catstycam. 141609549 We Reached the first cairn on Grey Crag 141609550 Nor sure if that is kevin or Martin ! Or whats going on ! 141609551 Leslie and I thought this was the highest point. Apparently that is a little further on over a wall. 141609552 Looking across towards Windermere. 141609553 Time for a chat. 141609554 Map check time to check position. 141609555 Looking North with Blencathra to the right. 141609556 Hayeswater. 141609557 Mmmmmm Leslie ! 141609558 ...........and again Leslie ! 141609559 Well, I just wanted me picture taken ! 141609560 Thornthwaite Beacon 141609561 The Clagg starts to come in. 141609562 Another one for Bross. 141609563 The route down to Threshthwaite mouth. 141609564 Descending from Thornthwaite to Threshthwaite Mouth. 141609566 Looking down at Troutbeck Tongue. 141609567 Looking back at where we had come from. 141609568 Ascending to Cauldale Moor , Mike with Leslie following. 141609569 Leslies Delight. Froswick, Ill Bell and Yoke. 141609570 Bross clains the summit at Cauldale Moor. 141609571 ....and then I join him 141609572 another view towards Windermere. 141609573 wheres Jenny and kevin gone ? 141609574 actually they went head for the committee meeting leaving this motley crew. 141609575 Heading back now towards Hartsop Dodd 141609576 Looking across at where we had crossed on Gray Crag. 141609577 Not sure what this was about ! 141609578 Queen of the Fells finishes book 2 at Hartsop Dodd. 141609579 It's a new one for Bross and me also. 141609580 Ullswater below 141609581 Heading down over Hartsop Dodd 141609582 Lovelyview 141609583 STEEP descent lol 141609584 Looking over at AngleTarn Pikes 141609585 That was our route up this morning to Gray Crag. 141609586 back at the car park and Hartsop Dodd behind where we descended. 141609587 Back at the pub. Captions please ! 141610026