Steel Knott and Five others 29.2.12 Steel Knott and Five others 29.2.12 8.30am, parked up at St Peters Martindale. 150513113 Lantys Tarn, just a pool really. 150513114 looking across at Beda Fell. 150513115 Looking up Martindale 150513116 Steels Knotts Summit. 150513117 Phot taken sitting on top of summit rock looking north. 150513118 The Nab , Deer Forest and Rest Dodd (furthest away ) 150513119 Another of The Nab etc. 150513120 looking back at Steel Knotts 150513121 back in the Clag heading up to High Raise. 150513122 High Raise Summit. 150513123 At last a break in the clouds looking down at Ullswater. 150513124 Now the long flat hike across Weather Hill and onwards......... 150513125 Weather Hill, this is the summit described by AW but did not look to be the highest point. I had a scout around but could not see another cairn. 150513126 One of the boundary stones.This one near the old Chimney Stack. 150513127 What is left of the Chimney Stack and Hunting Lodge. 150513128 Load Pot Hill. 150513129 Standing next to OS column reading guide book when I looked up and saw this coming across. It looked like a heavy downpour (not forecast ) however, I think it was my misinterpretation (and fear ) or what I first saw. It stayed dry. 150513130 Another one of the boundary stones. This one I recognised from AW's sketches. 150513131 Cloud just covering Blencathra Tops. 150513132 Clouds lifted higher now. 150513133 Close up with a little sunlight on Blencathra. 150513134 Arthurs Pike Summit. 150513135 Looking west with some nice light coming through clouds. 150513136 ...and another one. 150513137 Below Arthurs Pike summit and the collapsed beacon from lower cairn. 150513288