The High Stile Range 14.4.12 The High Stile Range 14.4.12 Startng out from Buttermere with Lindsay, Frank, Don and Rob. 153653263 We will be heading up the Old Burtness Path. 153653264 The path after it leaves the trees. 153653265 The lads...what where is Frank ? Well never find him behind ! 153653266 Quick stop at Bleaberry Tarn. 153653267 The tarn and Red Pike 153653268 Bross having a was freezing. 153653270 What is left of Dons sarnies. Topsie got the blame but I think she was framed by Lizzie ! 153653272 Hard man Don ! he coughed and spluttered all the way to Red Pike summit here not feeling very well. Are we surprised ? 153653273 That's better....Don wraps up. 153653274 Wainwrights Summit of High Stile where people gather. 153653275 Come on lads ....keep up ! 153653276 Looking down at Bleaberry Tarn. 153653277 Tarn with Dodd in view. 153653278 Crummock Water 153653279 Frank gives thumbs up on AW summit of High Stile. 153653280 Looking over at true summit in distance. 153653281 Whose the bloke with the camera ? get off will you.....I am posing. 153653282 That's better. 153653283 A gust of wind catches Rob and me out. 153653284 Thumbs up....all is well. 153653285 red Pike from High Stile 153653286 Crummock Water with mellbreak to the left. 153653287 Don takes notes for his log report. 153653288 Red Pike again 153653289 Close up of the ants making their way up. Quite steep ascent. 153653290 Heading now over to High Crag 153653291 Could be Twinns ! 153653292 Pillar and Pillar Rock 153653293 153667772 Looking back at Grey Crag. 153653295 High Crag Summit 153653296 Looking down at Fleetwith Pike 153653297 Looking down on Seat and Haystacks. 153653298 Topsie taking it easy. 153653299 Don relieved to see Buttermere. He really was not very well on this walk . A lesser mortal would not have turned out ! 153663704