Nethermost Pike, Dollywaggon and Seat Sandal 24.5.12 Nethermost Pike, Dollywaggon and Seat Sandal 24.5.12 Met up with Lesley for this walk. Just starting out at Thirlmere heading for Nethermost Pike. 157830625 It's very warm should we just head back now !!!!! 157830626 Making our way up. 157830627 The pose with Thirlmere below. 157830628 Ditto 157830629 getting there ! 157830630 Looking back at the path we have just come up. 157830631 We spot a helecopter buzzing around 157830632 There it is going down to land. NOt sure what was going on. 157830633 Approaching path to Helvellyn . 157830634 Helvellyn from close to Nethermost Pike 157830635 Striding Edge from a side I had not seen before. 157830636 Looking down Grisedale. 157830637 Bross is very warm. 157830638 Thats nethermost Summit over there 157830639 Time for a few shots with Striding Edge as a background. 157830640 157830641 Nethermost Pike Summit 157830642 and a again without human or dog. 157830643 You don't want to know how long it took to get this shot ! 157830644 Walking close to the edge along Nethermost Crag gives some great views 157830645 High Crag with Dollwaggon centre. 157830646 ...and again 157830647 looking down Grisedale. 157830648 157830649 Bross's ears prick up and he stares below. 157830650 who is that down there ? 157830651 Zooming in........think we know who you are . 157830652 zooming again and we can see (and hear ) it is jenny and Lindsay in this shot and third person is Kevin. 157830753 and on now to Dollywaggon 157830653 Looking back and across at Hard Tarn below and Nethermost Crag above. 157830654 Sitting on the rock above the Tarn is Jenny, Kevin and Lindsay. 157830655 At the Summit of Dollywaggon 157830656 Dollywaggon lower summit to the west. 157830657 It is a while since I took these but I think this is looking down Grisedale with possibly St Sundays to the right. ( I am looking at a small image ) 157830658 part of old fence. Very victorian I think. 157830659 heading down to Grisedale Tarn just to climb up again onto Seat Sandle ahead. 157830660 That was the direct path down from Dollywagon. 157830661 Seat Sandal Summit 157830662 A great days very warm walking with Lesley.I think at this point we were both very tired. 157830663 Heading down the South Ridge off Seat Sandle 157830664 Hoping that we can follow AW's route as he shows it in the guide. 157830665 She taking pictures of me taking pictures of her ! 157830666 That is the gate we were looking for that AW said you can continue through. Other guided books (including Jesty's revised one states to turn left at this point ..out of date already ! ) 157830667 The gate has an open access symbol on it. 157830668 When getting close to the lane at the bottom do not leave the path and head to this gate. It is tied up with wire. 157830669 Instead stay on path and you come to this gate and out onto the lane. 157830624