Beda Fell,Angle Tarn Pikes, Brock Crag, Rest Dodd and The Nab 22.5.12s Beda Fell,Angle Tarn Pikes, Brock Crag, Rest Dodd and The Nab 22.5.12s 9.30am start from the Old Church at Martindale. It was very warm even at this time. 157829091 A route Martin showed me was up that way but I am taking a slightly more sedate route if a little longer. 157829092 Looking over to Gowbarrow. 157829093 Strange little shelter this. 157829094 Ulwater in background from beda fell Summit 157829095 The usual summit pose on Beda Fell 157829096 Looking across to Place Fell 157829097 The way ahead to Angle Tarn Pikes. 157829098 Looking across at Rest Dodd and The Nab. 157829099 Catstye Cam poking up. 157829100 The North Summit of Angle Tarn Pikes.(Also the highest of the two) 157829102 Bross on the summit with guide book. 157829103 below summit looking a cross at Place Fell 157829104 Angle Tarn 157829105 Looking over at Brock Crag. 157829106 Looking back at the Tarn. 157829107 Brock Crag Summit 157829108 Brothers Water from Brock Crag. 157829109 Rest Dodd through the Satura Gate. 157829110 One of the summit Cairns 157829111 Bross at the true summit cairn 157829112 Looking across at Rampsgill Head from Rest Dodd 157829113 heading across to The Nab 157829114 The Nab summit and we are both very tired in this heat. 157829115 A peep over the edge of the Nose and not a Deer in sight. Also I see a way down that will save us three miles. yes a tresspass for a couple of hundred yards but all in the name of animal welfare. 157829116 Looking back at our route down. Yes it was steep but not too bad a descent. 157829117 What a load of Bull ! A fine sight on the way back to the car. 157837200