Shipman Knott, Kentmere Pike, Harter Fell, Tarn Crag, Grey Crag 9.9.12 Shipman Knott, Kentmere Pike, Harter Fell, Tarn Crag, Grey Crag 9.9.12 Start of the walk from Sadgill looking back at the car and Grey Crag. 164978667 Starting up on the Kentmere path. 164978668 Tarn Crag and Grey Crag where I will finish on later today. 164978669 The path onto Shipman Knott follows the wall. 164978670 Shipman Knott and Kentmere Pike is where I am heading. 164978671 Bross waits for me as I huff and puff my way up the path. 164978672 First views of the Ill bell Ridge. 164978673 keep following the wall onto Shipman Knott. 164978674 bross being blown around at Summit Cairn at Shipman Knott. 164978675 This way Dad ? 164978676 Okay ......... not waiting for you. 164978677 Gentle climb to Kentmere Pike. 164978678 A less hazy view of the Ill Bell Ridge 164978679 Kentmere Pike summit cairn.I phoned someone to wish her a happy Birthday , she was visiting Ill Bell today. No answer ...message left. 164978680 OS structure other side of the wall. Wainwright said the summit was disputed so we visited both. 164978681 Harter Fell,first for Bross second for me. 164978682 Love this view of Hawswater. 164978683 My thoughts were with the guy who fell to his death at the beginning of the year on crags below High Street and above Blea Water. 164978684 I have to go all the way down to climb back up onto Tarn Crag via a route left of the gully far right of the photo. 164978685 Looking down Longsleddale. 164978686 Go on then, giz a kiss ! 164978688 oh all right, just a quick one though. 164978687 Looking back at Harter Fell and the path down to Gatesgarth Pass. 164978689 The pillar structure on Tarn Crag. 164978690 I wondered why it was called Tarn Crag ! 164978691 The cairn on Tarn Crag. 164978692 Looking back at Tarn Crag heading up to Grey Crag. 164978693 Grey Crag summit Cairn with Harrop Pike in the distance. 164978694 Now for the walk down to the car. 164978695 Bross leads the way. 164978696 Looking back down at Sadgill. 164978697 The car is still there then and more have arrived since we left. 164978698 Bross enjoys his end of walk washdown. 164980383