Lingmell, Scafell via Lords Rake then Slight Side Lingmell, Scafell via Lords Rake then Slight Side Starting the walk from Wasdale End NT car park. I have to tell you that I left my camera in the car so all these photos are Franks. Thanks mate ! 166979337 First Hill of the day ..... Lingmell. The summit cannot be seen, it is in cloud. 166979338 Onwards and upwards. 166979339 Looking back on Wast water 166979340 About this point I realised that we were walking up the gill path to the Scarfells and Lingmell Col and not up the nose of Lingmell as planned. That's what becomes of talking to much ! 166979341 Frank said we needed to get across onto the Lingmell Ridge path if we did not want to go via the col that follows the gill as seen in this photo.(to the right ) 166979342 We left the path and headed up to the left. These two ladies were doing the three peaks challenge. Yesterday they did Ben Nevis, today Scafell Pike and tomorrow Mount Snowdon. Would not fancy the drive down to Wales after walking today. 166979343 This was so steep........then I thought Frank did this on purpose just because he has not done it before. He has done the route we (or I ) had planned. 166979344 Straight up ! 166979345 The amazing Frank. 166979346 Nice one of Bross. 166979347 Lingmell Summit 166979348 The photographer on the summit. The only one he needed today for his second round. 166979349 This was crossing across to Mickledore. Hail, galeforce winds across here made it hard going over boulder fields. 166979350 Eventually I catch up. 166979351 Lords Rake was a night mare to find today from the route we took. It was misty (and the rest ) but eventually there it was. 166979352 Climbing up keeping to the right to get hand holds . 166979353 For those who have not done this route, it is like walking up a moving conveyor belt. 166979354 still going with Bross checking on me. 166979355 The chock stone at the top 166979356 This is where the route up the traverse wall leaves the Rake. We did not take this route with having Bross with us. Too wet and difficult with a large dog. 166979357 water is getting to the lens. 166979358 Really bad at this point 166979359 Climbing up to get past the chock stone. 166979360 The chock stone 166979361 Made it. 166979362 Scafell Summit ( just a tad windy ) 166979363 Frank at the summit. No photos now until the next summit due to adverse weather and difficult under foot. 166979364 Slight Side Summit . Could not stand up for this , gale force gusts at this point. 166979365 Frank on Slight Side Summit. Keeping a low profile ! 166979366 Made our way off Slight Side down the coll and went off piste to pick a route below Scafell back to Wasdale. First sighting of Burnmoor Tarn as we got below the cloud. 166979367 Getting ahead of Frank... now there's a first ! 166979368 Oh, I have left him well he okay ? 166979369 Mmmmm, he must have ran the last section to catch up ! 166979370 yes, sheep ! 166979371 Descent to Wasdale Head. 166979372 Yewbarrow. 166979373 Down safe and Bross's turn for his post walk swim. 166979374 really enjoying this. 166979529 Shake dry before getting back in the car. 166979528