Stanger Gill/ Bessyboot ,Rosthwite Fell 11.12.12 Stanger Gill/ Bessyboot ,Rosthwite Fell 11.12.12 The walk starts at Stonethwaite along the track to the Campsite entrance. 171167154 Opposite the entrance to campsite is this gate and start of Stanger Gill. 171167155 A view up to the tops of the Gill 171167156 A good path for most part up the gill. 171167157 Plenty of interest on the way up. 171167158 Looking back to Kings How in distance. 171167159 Just when I thought it could not get steeper. 171167160 Looking down Borrowdale. 171167161 very cold out of the sun 171167162 171167163 171167164 171167165 Near top of the Gill and Skiddaw in distance snow capped. 171167167 When you reach the top of the Gill the path turns right and follows the beck feeding the Gill. 171167168 Into the sun at last. 171167169 Looking across to the Dodds from Bessyboot summit cairn. 171167170 Skidaw and Blencathra the two snow capped in distance. 171167171 Looking across at Dalehead , High Spy etc. 171167172 Looking west towards Honister on right. 171167173 Tarn at Leaves from summit 171167174 Bross doing his thing. 171167175 and again ! 171167176 The tarn again as I dropped lower to ascent Rossthwaite Fell. 171167177 Looking back at Bessyboot. A canny little 'mountain '. 171167178 Looking north from Rosthwaite Fell Summit. 171167179 slightly north west now. 171167180 Great Gable just poking up centre. 171167181 another view towards Dale Head , High Spy etc 171167182 Grange fell centre , yesterdays walk. 171167183 nearly down now. 171167435