Baystones and Wansfell Pike 12.12.12 Baystones and Wansfell Pike 12.12.12 Starting up Nanny Lane with Troutbeck below. 171169508 A little cold to be sitting around. 171169509 Ill Bell range comes into view from cloud. 171169511 Looking down an icy Nanny Lane 171169512 Ill Bell again 171169513 Well you know lesley will love these so expect more ! 171169514 see what I mean ! 171169515 getting boring now ! 171169516 Couple of Fell Ponies 171169517 Can't remember which shot this is but I think that is Cauldale Moor on the left with end of Ill Bell Ridge (Foswick ) coming into view right. 171169518 Just for you Lesley. Baystones Summit with you know what in background. 171169519 Sallows and Sour Howes 171169520 Red Screes above an ocean of cloud 171169521 Looking North 171169522 My route ahead leading to Wansfell Pike. I think that may be the summit just poking out of the cloud. 171169523 Looking back at the Kirkstone Pass Inn. Can you see it. No I couldn't either ! 171169524 hello mate ! 171169525 from Wansfell summit looking across at Red Screes, Cauldale Moor. 171169526 Similar shot 171169527 and another 171169528 can't get enough of it ! 171169529 looking now out over Ambleside. Or where it should be ! 171169530 Bross bagging another one. 171169531 He just likes posing. 171169532 Wansfell Pike out to the Ill Bell range 171169533 again 171169534 swinging over left abit to Red Screes. 171169556 I think this is my fav one ? 171169557 Cloud rising again 171169558 On way down from the summit the paths were treturous . very iced up and spikes required. 171169555