Sallows, Sour Howes and Troubeck Tongue 16.01.13 Sallows, Sour Howes and Troubeck Tongue 16.01.13 Parked up by Church Bridge Troutbeck. 172975301 heading up the Garburn Pass. Nice view of the Ill Bell range and Tongue below. 172975302 Bross checks out our return route from Sour Howes. First though crack on up the pass to Sallows. 172975303 Close to the top of the Garburn Pass we turn right beyond the trees. 172975304 This is the stile where we crossed over to head up to Sallows. This is a view looking back towards Yoke after crossing the stile. 172975305 Bross on the summit of Sallows 172975306 Heading now to Sour Howes. 172975307 Bross again claims the summit shot on Sour Howes. 172975308 Looking from Sour Howes back towards Sallows. 172975309 We returned back to the car for lunch. (Too cold to stop on the fells.) Still plenty of daylight I thought so I drove further dowwn the road, parked up and set off down the lane to climb the Tongue. 172975310 As usual Bross waits for me to catch up. NO path up the tongue found so made one up which Frank would have been proud of !!!! 172975311 Troutbeck Tongue summit. 172975313 Believe it or not but that is us on the Summit of Troutbeck Tongue. 172975312 again Bross at the summit 172975314 Looking back down Troutbeck with Sour Howes to the left of view. Thinking I need to get a move on while I still have some light. 172975419