Brandreth and Grey Knotts 19.02.13 Brandreth and Grey Knotts 19.02.13 Setting off from Honister Mine. 174857098 looking across at old mine workings 174857099 Dale Head in back ground 174857100 Pillar, Haystacks and High Stile Range. 174857101 Pillar ......I think. A bit confused now ! 174857102 Dubs Hut 174857103 Where else in the lakes can three be seen in one shot ? Ennerdale Water, Buttermere and Crummock Water. 174857104 Close up of Ennerdale Water. 174857105 Blencathra in far distance 174857106 close up. 174857107 Green Gable and Great Gable 174857109 Green G and Great G from Brandreth 174857110 Great End and Esk Pike 174857111 Bross on Brandreth summit. 174857112 base Brown in middle of shot. This where I was yesterday. 174857113 On the way across to Grey Crags 174857114 another 174857115 Bross on West Cairn of Grey Crags. Eastern summit cairbs behind. All seem to be of equal height according to my GPS. 174857116 getting to grips with snow and ice. 174857117 Honister Crags from fence leading from Grey Crags to the mine. 174857118 As I descended I heard and then saw a helicopter. I wondered if the sight and sound upset staff and mark Weirs wife Jan. As got further down I saw that the helicopter had landed at the mine and must be part of the business. The spirit of Mark Weir lives on ! 174857209