Great Carrs, Grey Friar, Hardknott 17.5.13 Great Carrs, Grey Friar, Hardknott 17.5.13 Looking down Wrynose Bottoms and towards hardknott. 179629043 Pike Of Blisco 179629044 Little Carrs ahead 179629047 looking across at Cold Pike. 179629048 At the southern cairn after visiting the Northern Cairn first. Both are the same height according to my satnav. Which is the Wainwright ? 179629036 Bross seems to have been stabbed in the back ! 179629049 Memorial to the Halifax Bomber Crew of 1944. 179629051 179629050 bross paid his respects. 179629045 Looking across at Grey Friar our next summit. 179629042 The pointed Boulder as described by Wainwright. 179629038 North/west Cairn at Grey Friar 179629037 main Summit Cairn Grey Friar 179629041 On the way to Hardknott 179629040 Hardknott Summit. This time Bross has an arrow in his head ! 179629039 Fantastic view of the Scafells to Bowfell. 179629046