Summerhill Force, Low Force , High Force in Teesdale Summerhill Force, Low Force , High Force in Teesdale Bowlees Car Park A nice fresh start with sun shining. 69399302 Wandering to Gibson's Cave 69399303 More interested in water than me ! 69399304 Upstream 69399305 Which way now ? 69399306 Time for a shower Jenny and David edging behind the waterfall at Gibsons cave 69399307 A bit damp in here! 69399308 Stepping Down to Low Force Next Andy leading the way 69399309 Low Force 69399310 and again 69399312 Suspension bridge Adults must go one at a time. 69399313 69399314 Sheep Dog 69399315 Low Force from South Side ...........don't do it Leslie !!!!!!!! 69399316 Ah, it is I and my little mate ! 69399317 Discussing the force 69399318 High Force, Teesdale 69399319 From above 69399320 Photo session 69399321 Davids wanderings 69399322 Just another shot Andy please ! 69399323 River Tees from top of High Force 69399324