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Artist at work - Ray Bradshaw

art by ray bradshaw

Original paintings and prints

   from a North East Artist

Slight Side (return ) and Scar Fell not ! 2.2.12

Up and out at 9am after a full English. Brilliant day blue sky again.What could be wrong with the day ? Well i was to find out soon ! Yesterday I slipped on ice and fell on my backside 5 mins before applying my spikes. Having a disc and nerve problem in my lower back that was not a clever thing to do. During the night I got a couple of episodes I have not experienced for a while, that is when the nerve damage causes severe cramp type symptoms with the muscles seizing up causing severe pain. Having said that I wasn't feeling too bad this morning after getting up. Yet after a hour into the walk I was feeling a lot of discomfort in not only my back but also my neck and shoulders. Mmmm, must have twisted more than I thought. On top of this my mind was on some ' not so good news' I had received the night before via email. I will plod on and see how it goes. As i got closer to the foot of Slight Side my spirits lightened. I can do this ! However, (I thought ,) there enough idiots on the fells without me adding to that. I would need to use an ice axe to get up to Slight Side and I new that was going to hurt and possibly cause me more harm. Decision, turn around and take the lower path back to Eskdale. Disappointed.........oh yes ! Back at the Woolpack Inn I suggested I may have a drive up to Hardknott and do that while the light remained. I was advised against it due to ice on the pass. Nothing left for it... .....a few pints in the bar to help to help me relax both discomfort of body and mind.
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