Featuring scenes from North East England, The Dales of Yorkshire and Durham
                                          and the Lake District. 
  Based in Sunderland, England .
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Artist at work - Ray Bradshaw

art by ray bradshaw

Original paintings and prints

   from a North East Artist

Mardale Ill Bell, High Street, The Knott, Ramps...

Started this walk at Mardale End and went up the path passing Small Water Tarn to Mardale Ill Bell and then up onto High Street. We proceeded toThe Knott. At this point we wanted to get to Rampsgill Head but in the thick mist we found ourselves on the wrong path and to retrace our steps back to the one that takes you to Kidsty Pike. From here we found our way to Rampsgill Head . At this point we had to try and locate a path to High Raise. I had planned a route on my GPS but in this thick clag I decided to get back onto a more defined path. From our location I knew I needed to walk south and should pick up the required path.nWe crossed over what I though to be paths or sheep trails until we found a good path and proceeded on that. My mistake was not zooming out on my Satmap screen to double check , we soon found the only thing zooming was in front of us was Kidsty Pike. We had picked up the wrong path. By this time my companion Ron was looking very worried thinking we were lost. To get to High Raise we would had had to retrace our steps to find the correct path that we mist. It was now getting on for 3.30pm I knew the decent would be slow as this was Ron's first big walk since he had fractured his patella about a year ago. We had both been popping pills on the way around the walk to ease aches and pains ! The look of relief on Ron's face when I reassured him that we were on the path that we were descending back to the car. That made my decision to give High Raise a miss, much to my annoyance at myself. We made it back to the car at 5pm with plenty of light left.
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