Featuring scenes from North East England, The Dales of Yorkshire and Durham
                                          and the Lake District. 
  Based in Sunderland, England .
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Artist at work - Ray Bradshaw

art by ray bradshaw

Original paintings and prints

   from a North East Artist

Great Cockup,Meal Fell, Great Sca Fell, Knott, ...

We woke up to another wondeful day in the Northern Fells. Staying in our touring caravan a couple of miles north of Mungrisdale Village. Lyn agreed to drop me off at Orthwaite and pick me up 5 hours later at Longlands. My plan was to bag Great Cockup, Meal Fell, Great Sca Fell and Brae Fell. To my delight I was able to add another to the list; Knott . I arrived at Longlands spot on 5pm but had a half hour wait for my lift ! However, it was very warm evening and so the wait was not so bad.
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