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Artist at work - Ray Bradshaw

art by ray bradshaw

Original paintings and prints

   from a North East Artist

Carrock Fell and High Pike

May 31st bank holiday monday and I had arranged to meet Dik for a walk. Until Dik arrived I had no idea what walk it would be but was hoping for a gentle stroll after all my recent activity. Dik suggested Carrock Fell and as it was close and in sight of where our caravan was sited, I was up for that. (Thinking we would be taking a gentle approach via the side of the Fell. WRONG !!!!!!!! Dik as we got out of the car pointed out the 'short route' a direct ascent up the front of Carrocks rough looking terrain. No time to warm up straight into huffing and blowing, beads of sweat and as I advised Dik half way up of recent dizzzy spells,I think he wondered what he was walking with and going over in his mind his CPR technique ! Oh, and by the way when walking with Dik, don't belief his false summit predictions; lol Oh and did I forget to say I was told we were also doing High Pike Fell at a point when it first became visable !!!!! Another great day though and a suprise meeting on Carrock Fell Summit.
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